4 Ways to Increase the Water Pressure in Your Home

August 11, 2022
Low Water Pressure in Ramona, CA

Water pressure issues in your home can cause several problems. Perhaps you can’t take a nice shower, or you have to keep moving your water sprinkler on your lawn because of its poor reach. There are several ways to fix these problems, and here are four possibilities.

1. Ask Your Neighbors

The problem might be with your water provider. Start by asking your neighbors if they are having any issues with water pressure. If they are, call your water provider, and tell them about the water pressure problems you and your neighbors are experiencing. There may be a leak, a clog, or another problem in the municipal water supply line.

2. Clear Clogs

There may be a clog causing a decrease in water pressure. Your pipes can fill up with mineral deposits over time. This problem is especially clear if there’s just one water source that doesn’t have enough pressure.

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3. Check Your Main Water Valve

It’s possible your main water valve isn’t completely open, which will result in low water pressure. Maybe a contractor turned it off and only partially reopened it or someone else tampered with it. You can check and fully reopen the valve yourself since it’s easy to adjust.

4. Find a Leak

A leak in your pipes can cause reduced water pressure. To check for this, turn off all the water sources in your home. Look at your water meter, and write down the number on it. Check again a few hours later, and if the number is higher, then there’s a leak in your plumbing system.

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