5 Tips to Prevent Water Heater Repairs

February 25, 2019

Dealing with water heater repairs has never been fun. Whether you want to enhance the overall efficiency of your water heater or extend its lifespan, numerous water heater maintenance tips could help you take proactive care of your water heating unit and avoid any kind of functioning problems or repairs. In complex cases, you can consider seeking professional help from Marklein Plumbing, a full-service plumbing company that specializes in services like water heater repair in Ramona. Further discussed are the 5 essential tips that could help you prevent any kind of water heater repairs in the future.

1. Adding Insulation

Adding insulation to your water heater could give you amazing benefits in terms of energy efficiency. Insulating your heating appliance could reduce the amount of heat loss by as much as 45%, thereby, helping to extend the lifespan of the HVAC system, and lowering the costs of your monthly energy bills alongside. In addition to insulating the water heater system with a foal blanket, you can also consider insulating the pipes to prevent condensation from the cold-water pipes.

2. Setting the Right Temperature

To maintain the optimal functionality of your water heater system, and prevent from damages, it is essential that you set the right temperature in the thermostat of your water heating system. It is important to note that setting high temperatures can add up to your monthly energy bills. However, turning down the temperature to 120 or 130 degrees Fahrenheit could allow you to save as much as $500 on your annual energy costs along with an extension to the life of your water heater.

3. Flush Out the Sediments

Turning on the water and flushing out the sediments of the water tank is an effective way to prevent a water heater from demanding repeated repairs. You can allow a few gallons of water to drain out, check the water tank to make sure it’s clear, and finally, refill the tank to maintain the best possible functionality of the system.

4. Turning Off the Heating Source and Water Supplies

Your water heating system requires ongoing maintenance and check-up to ensure its best performance. Always remember to turn off the heating source and water supplies. It will eventually help you to save water and energy.

5. Get Your Heater Annually Checked

Annual maintenance of your water heating system could extend its life and efficiency, and prevent it from unwanted issues. A well-scheduled servicing plan can get your water heater regularly inspected and allow it to work at its best.

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