Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Bad for Plumbing?

January 10, 2021

Chemical drain cleaners remain common products in grocery stores, but are they really appropriate solutions for clogged drains? Chemical drain cleaners may cause problems homeowners never expected, including some that could be quite dangerous. Harsh chemicals might also cause damage to plumbing systems.

How Do Chemical Drain Cleaners Function?

Obviously, the purpose of a chemical drain cleaner is to clear a drain. Anything clogging the pipes might end up dissolved by the corrosive agents in the fluid. However, “might” is the operative word because the clog might not even be dissolvable. Chemical drain cleaners usually work on organic material, but don’t expect them to effectively dissolve metal or plastic items that fell down the sink.

In fact, these chemicals might not even be sufficient to deal with many traditional organic clogs. Unfortunately, the typical response to a stubborn clog involves pouring more and more drain cleaner into the system. Again, these are corrosive liquids. Excessive amounts could cause enormous damage to the metal in the pipes.

Contacting a Plumbing Service

Clogs resistant to a plunger or a chemical cleaner’s initial use may require clearing by special tools. A plumber could use an auger to break through the obstruction. More importantly, a skilled plumber is unlikely to cause any damage.

A plumber could also offer an assessment, including providing advice on keeping the problem from occurring again. Any visit from the plumber affords a chance for an inspection. This trained professional can check the plumbing for any other issues that might be present. If you need help, Marklein Plumbing handles drain cleaning and other plumbing work for residents in and around Ramona, CA.

The Dangers of Fumes

Never overlook the potential personal hazards of using chemical drain cleaners. Pouring more of the solution down the drain could lead to the fumes building up. These toxic fumes may cause adverse health reactions upon inhalation. With any accidental splashing, there’s a risk of injuring the eyes. Even spilling the fluid on the skin could cause severe irritation.

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