Fixing Emergency Shut-Off Valves

February 13, 2019

Emergency shut-off valves are located beneath your toilets and sinks and are responsible for supplying water to fixtures. If you need to shut off water to leaking drains or facets until repairs are possible, they are a great option that can give you time before you receive professional help from our Marklein Plumbing services in Poway. But they can also deteriorate and require maintenance – when this happens, our experts are here to help.

Stuck Valves

Emergency shut-off valves are not used frequently. For this reason, they can become frozen into the open position or stuck in the closed position. Other times they are simply hard to turn. In some older homes, emergency shut-off valves might be completely unusable. In cases like these, you need to call plumbing services in Poway to get your system back into working order.

Gate Valves

The valves that control the water flow at the water heater and house service are called gate valves. They have round handles and a stem that is responsible for pushing a gate down into the valve to close it or raising the gate to open it. But corrosive water can destroy these valves over time, causing deterioration and eventually freezing the valve into one position.

Switching to Ball Valves

The best alternative to gate valves is ball valves, which use lever handles to rotate a ball inside the facet. With this kind of system, you can shut water on and off at various home fixtures by simply turning the valve ¼ of the way. If you’re having problems with stuck valves, we strongly suggest trying ball valves.

Marklein Plumbing Can Help You

At Marklein Plumbing, our Poway team provides plumbing services for all kinds of problems with emergency shut off valves. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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