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    Unquestionably, Marklein Plumbing knows what it takes to keep customers happy, safe, and comfortable in Poway, CA. Above all, we put the customer first and always offer an outstanding level of service by using our skills and equipment to provide the finest and most effective plumbing solutions so they’re always getting the best. We absolutely provide excellence and courtesy throughout a project. Our fully licensed and insured plumbers manage whatever water system problems you hand to us. Marklein Plumbing minimizes aggravation and maximizes savings as Poway’s top garbage disposal repair and replacement contractor.

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    • Voted Best Plumbers in Escondido 2020 Award
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    Unbeatable Poway Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

    Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Services - Marklein PlumbingKeeping one’s disposal at par requires diligence. It has circular rotating blades that grind waste. It’s a fairly straightforward operation that’s prone to problems. As a result, jams, clogging and overheating are a few of the more common problems that can occur if these issues go undetected.

    When something is wrong with your garbage disposal, there can be some concerning noises or no noise at all. Odors persist even after a thorough rinsing and cleaning. So usually, trapped particles are the culprit. As a result, older models die, and no amount of resetting gets the motor revving. Leaks definitely require garbage disposal repair.

    If your garbage disposal is in need of repair, definitely call Marklein Plumbing in Poway to take a look. If the situation involves an older model, it may be time to get a garbage disposal replacement. Firstly, the plumbers will inspect the problem area. Additionally, we’ll have an informed discussion about the best ways to fix the situation. This could mean an affordable garbage disposal replacement.

    Trust Us for Garbage Disposal Service

    Lastly, a garbage disposal malfunction means the kitchen comes to a dead stop. So our team at Marklein Plumbing is ready to tackle all modules, parts and components of a garbage disposal in Poway. Without a doubt, you can expect professionals trained in the latest techniques and equipment in plumbing and sewage. Our team of garbage disposal repair specialists delivers outstanding results every time.

    This team looks for:
    • Smells as a result of stoppage
    • Possible seal replacement
    • Slow drains and leaks
    • Jams and clogs

    Our Customers Are High Priority

    Marklein Plumbing Professional Plumbers and Technicians Every visit in Poway by Marklein Plumbing means someone’s on the verge of outstanding service. Advanced technology, common sense and tried-and-true practices all come into play. Marklein Plumbing offers Poway quality performance, professional advice and a safe conclusion.

    If you’re in need of plumbing services and garbage disposal replacement or repair of the highest quality in Poway, please give us call today.