How to Fix the Pilot Light of Your Water Heater

March 8, 2019
Gas heating boiler flames

Are you facing issues with the pilot light of your water heater? When the pilot light goes out, it signifies a change in the gas pressure that extinguishes the flame. The main sign that there is a problem with the pilot light is that your water heater will stop heating your water anymore. Knowing the basics of fixing the pilot light is important for you to bring back the flame. This will not only ensure hot showers for you but will also prevent any gas leakage in your house.

Though the instructions are subjective according to the different models available, in most of the water heaters, you can start by searching for the gas shut off valve that can be located on the front part of the heater. Please turn the knob ‘off’, and wait for a minimum of 5 minutes in order to let the gas clear before you start the fixing process as given below:

1. Access the Pilot Light

The first step is to open the cover or door of the pilot light access. This is generally located beneath the gas valve. Some heaters also have an open gap from where you can see the pilot light burner.

2. Identify the Burner

With the help of a flashlight or headlamp, identify the burner inside. There are two gas tubes that will lead to it.

3. Turn and press the knob to ‘Pilot’

Now, turn and press the knob to ‘Pilot’, and hold it for some seconds. This shall start the gas flow, and you can light the flame. Usually, a red button is present on the water heaters that you can press and hold.

4. light that pilot

You need to light that pilot, while still holding on the gas down. Some water heaters come with a black or red igniting button while some need to be lit manually with a lighter.

5. Continue holding the knob or button

When you see the flames igniting, continue holding the gas button or knob for one complete minute. Then try to release it slowly ensuring that the light is still on.

6. Turn the gas knob ‘on’

Now turn the gas knob ‘on’ and try to listen to a whooshing or whump sound which indicates the ignition of the burner.

7. enjoy!

Your job is done. Replace the cover and enjoy your much-deserved hot shower!

If any repeated malfunctions indicating serious technical problems persist, inform a professional plumber for water heater repair in Poway for a resolution. A bent or dirty thermocouple is the major cause of such repeated pilot outages. It is basically a small copper wire with rods that sense the flames, and automatically turns off the gas on detection of a flame outage.

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