How to Protect Your Bathroom Drains

December 18, 2019

Many clogged drain problems could have been prevented with the right knowledge of maintaining bathroom drains. Our company wants to help people keep their plumbing in good condition. Here are four important things to do to prevent problems with your bathroom drains.

1. Use a Water Softener

A whole-home water softener prevents mineral buildup. When minerals accumulate in your sink and drain, it can weaken water pressure and get into the pipes. Mineral buildup also looks unsightly. Marklein Plumbing has water softeners available for residents of Ramona, CA, and the surrounding areas. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. Brush Your Hair Before Showering

Reduce how much hair gets into your shower drain by brushing it before taking a shower. Once you see hair starting to build up in the drain, be sure to pull it out before it has a chance to cause clogs or other problems.

3. Place a Screen Over Your Drain

To further reduce how much hair gets into your drain, you should place a screen over it. Screens also help to capture grease and soap scum that contribute to clogged pipes. You should empty the screen on a daily basis.

4. Pour Hot Water Down the Drain Monthly

Once a month, you should heat water in a pot, and then pour it down your drain. This clears up grease and soap scum that’s building up in your pipes. After brushing your teeth, run hot water for a few seconds to thoroughly flush the toothpaste down the pipes.

At Marklein Plumbing in Ramona, we have licensed and insured technicians you can trust whenever you need our help with plumbing problems. We also offer drain cleaning, sewer services, hot water heater repair and installation, water filtration installation, and water softener installation for residents of Ramona and the surrounding areas. Our technicians will provide detailed estimates and work fast to fix plumbing problems. They’ll also clean up after they’ve finished working. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for drain cleaning or water softener installation.

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