How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Operating Smoothly

November 18, 2020

Garbage disposals are a good way of eliminating fruit peels and expired food. You shouldn’t take it for granted, though, as they’re not invulnerable. There are things you can do that will keep your garbage disposal running properly for years.

Run It Regularly

You should turn on your garbage disposal regularly, even if there’s nothing you need ground up. This keeps parts moving smoothly, as otherwise the disposal can freeze up or develop rust. Run water and turn it on every few days.

Use Cold Water

You should use cold instead of hot water when using your garbage disposal. Hot water liquefies grease and fat, which can harden deep inside your pipes. Cold water keeps them from solidifying.

Break Up Large Objects

When you have large food scraps, break them up into smaller pieces before putting them down the drain. This helps prevent your disposal from getting overwhelmed.

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Keep It Clean

You can pour a little dish soap down your drain to clean the disposal. This also helps prevent bad odors. You can also grind lemon or orange peels to freshen it.

Grind Ice Cubes

Put some ice cubes in your garbage disposal and grind them once a month. This will sharpen the blades and clear away any gunk that’s stuck to the disposal’s walls.

Run It Longer

Don’t quickly turn the garbage disposal on and off. You should keep the water running and let the disposal operate for a minute. This ensures the food has been ground and flushed out of the pipe.

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