Plumbing Issues that Should Be Left to the Professionals

July 15, 2020

It’s tempting to think about doing plumbing services on your own. There are some projects, though, where you could cost yourself a lot of money by trying to do them yourself. Here are some plumbing services that require a licensed plumber.

Fixing a Blocked Sewer Line

A blocked sewer line is absolutely not something you can fix yourself. Even if you dig down to the right spot where it’s blocked, you need specialized equipment to handle the problem. If this problem isn’t handled correctly, it can result in sewage pouring out of all your home’s drains and toilets.

Water Heater Installation

All sorts of dangers can arise from a homeowner attempting to replace a water heater. For one, you could electrocute yourself; water heaters need 240 volts of electricity to operate. In addition, the vent for gas water heaters needs to be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications or else it can leak carbon monoxide and lead to other dangers.

Pipe Replacement

It sounds easy to replace a pipe, but it’s actually pretty tricky. Homeowners often try to instead patch a leak, but that is only a temporary solution at best. When homeowners attempt to replace a pipe, they often end up with mismatched pipes.

Washing Machine Hose Replacement

Washing machine hoses should only be replaced by a professional. Incorrectly fixing or replacing this hose can result in thousands of gallons of water spilling into your home. Choosing the wrong type of hose can cause pipes to rust as well.

Water Pressure Valve

Some homeowners want to test the water pressure valve to see if the temperature and pressure are correct. Handling the valve the wrong way can result in burst pipes and even hot water scalding you.

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