Signs You May Need Water Heater Repair

January 16, 2019

Water refusing to heat up is a sign that things are not okay with your heater. There are all kinds of problems that can affect these appliances, even reliable ones. You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to get water heater repairs in Poway because delays can lead to other problems like leaks and water damage to your home. Here are signs you need to watch out for:

Check For Leaks

Take a careful walk around your water heater for signs of pooling. If you see water dripping, it’s a definite sign that the internal tank may need to be replaced before the problem gets worse. If the tank bursts, you may have a more serious flooding problem on your hands.

Listen Up

Loud cracks and strange, popping sounds are sometimes heard from water heaters that need urgent repairs. Loud noises are often caused by a buildup of mineral deposits on the heating element of your heater, which is a common problem as a unit gets older. Sediments harden and start to bang on the heater, so listen for these sounds.

Look For Contamination

If the water from your heater is sandy or muddy, it’s a sign that sediment has built up inside the tank. If the heated water has a metallic taste and smell or has rust particles, a water heater repair service may be able to solve the problem by draining the tank’s contents. This can also be a sign of damage to vital parts though, so do check with a professional plumbing service.

Drops In Temperature

Is the water hot or lukewarm? Adjust the thermostat and check again. If it’s on full and you still aren’t getting hot water, you may need a water heater replacement instead of a repair job.

Does It Happen Often?

When one part of a water heater is damaged and not repaired, it slowly affects other parts. If you have repaired a heater on more than a few occasions over a short period of time, it may make sense to simply replace the unit instead of spending more on further repairs. Contact a professional plumbing service in Poway for advice on what your options are.

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