The Top 4 Most Common Emergency Shut-Off Valves

February 4, 2019

A leaking or corroded emergency shut-off valve can cause significant problems for your home, and it is important to have it inspected and possibly replaced by qualified plumbing services in Rancho Bernardo before it can cause considerable water damage. Marklein Plumbing specializes in a wide range of plumbing services and can help you locate an emergency shut-off valve for needed repairs or a plumbing emergency. Every appliance and fixture in your home should have an emergency shut-off valve close by and here are the four most common emergency shut-off valves.

1. Main Service Shut-Off Valve

The main service shut-off valve is usually located inside the meter box and controls the amount of water flow going into your home. If you have an older gate valve, it is a good idea to replace it with a high-quality quarter-turn ball valve. These gate valves are prone to leaks over time and are much more likely to experience failure.

2. Faucet & Toilet Shut-Off Valve

An emergency shut-off valve is essential for each toilet and faucet. The vast majority of standard faucets require two valves, one for cold water and the other for hot water. It is a good idea to use a quarter-turn ball valve with toilets and faucets, as older gate-style valves are prone to leaks and corrosion.

3. Water Heater Valve Shut-Off

Most water heaters have an easy to reach ball valve installed near the water inlet of the heater. However, if your water heater’s shut-off valve is difficult to reach or corroded, it is a good idea to get it replaced as soon as possible or allow professional plumbing companies in Rancho Bernardo to relocate the shut-off valve to an easier to reach location.

1. Main Service Shut-Off Valve

4. Icemaker & Washing Machine Shut Off-Valves

An icemaker and washing machine should have shut-off valves that can easily be accessed for repairs. These valves are specially made to work better with smaller water supply lines. However, it is a good idea to replace damaged valves or older gate-style valves to avoid any leaks.

Marklein Plumbing is one of the leading plumbing companies in Rancho Bernardo and specializes in the installation and repair of emergency shut-off valves. Our fully licensed and insured technicians can help you with a wide range of plumbing issues and repair any lingering problems. If you wish to learn more about our plumbing services, feel free to contact us!

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