Watch Out for Leaks in Your Sprinkler System with Poway Plumbing Companies

Running your sprinklers during the summer is a must, but this opens them up to plenty of problems. From broken pipes to drying out, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. But one of the most common problems is leaking, which is best rectified by professionals from Poway plumbing companies.

Here are three things licensed plumbers look for:

High water bills

A high water bill isn't always a sign of a leak, but it is definitely something that should make you pause. Of course, higher water bills during the summer are common since you're turning your sprinkler back own – in general, they increase by 30 to 50 percent. But a spike of 100 percent or more warrants a call to the plumber.

Puddles of water in your yard

If you've run your sprinkler for a week or two and notice that there are puddles around your yard, you might have a leak. Look for noticeably wet ground, signs of water pooling, or obvious leaks. But it's important to remember that the location of the puddles isn't necessarily connected to the location of the leaks, so be sure to consult a Poway plumbing company for their opinion.

Leaks on zone valves and sprinkler heads

Often, you can spot leaks by the presence of leaks directly from the zone vales, which are the on-off valves that provide water to the sprinkler heads. Not only that, but sprinkler heads can easily be broken by yard activity, such as kids playing. In particular, keep a lookout for water rushing down your lawn when your heads are running.

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