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Water Heaters in Poway

When you’re looking for unparalleled service in the Poway area for water heater repair and replacement, Marklein Plumbing should be first on your list.

Opening our doors in 2004, we’ve been providing our Poway clients with the best services around for over 13 years!

From the first phone call, our friendly and well-informed customer service team will treat you as a valued customer, and when our licensed and bonded technicians arrive at your home, that level of service will continue.

Equipped with a wide variety of tools to get you the best results, and the knowledge and experience that comes with years in the industry, the Marklein Plumbing team is your go-to company for any water heater installation, repair or replacement.

A Variety of Options

Poway homeowners don’t all have the same needs when it comes to purchasing a water heater. At Marklein Plumbing we understand that every client is unique and we do our best to offer a full range of both services and products.

Conventional water heaters

Whether you’re looking for a gas or electric water heater, we can provide you with advice as well as carry through with installation. Choosing the right high-efficiency model could even help you to decrease water heating bills by seven percent.

And if your water heater is smelling strange, having issues with temperature, or making unusual noises, just give us a call and we’ll be there right away to fix it!

Tankless water heaters

A step up from the conventional water heater when it comes to energy efficiency, this model can save you as much as 30% of your bill! Only heating when in use, they can cost a little extra for installation but are worth it in the long-run.

If you find yourself without hot water, we know how to fix that. We’ve worked with hundreds of tankless water heaters in our time.

Hybrid heat pump

Save 60% of your usual water bill by using energy obtained from the air! When most clients think of a heat pump they picture older and less efficient models, but pumps have come a long way and are a great option for many Poway homeowners. They’re even more quiet than most other leading heating systems.

Solar water heaters

The best of the best if you’re eco-conscious. Make sure your home is also equipped with a backup system however for cloudy days and high water on demand.

Make sure to perform regular maintenance on these heaters. Preventing scaling and corrosion is important, as well as draining the system and preventing potential freezing.

Your Go-To Team

When it comes to water heater maintenance and repair in Poway, look no further than Marklein Plumbing. Our skilled technicians provide guaranteed workmanship and quality, all at competitive prices.

Happily serving our loyal clients for over 13 years, our team is always up for the challenge of a new job. Whether you’re looking for advice, installation, maintenance or repair, we’re only a phone call away.

Get all your questions answered by getting in touch with us today!