What Happened to My Hot Water?

January 4, 2019

Running out of hot water can be an unpleasant experience, especially if you are in the middle of getting ready for work. The first thing you need to do when you need water heater repair in Poway is to call a qualified repair technician. If you live in Poway or other communities in San Diego County, call our professionals at Marklein Plumbing. We have the tools and the experience to get to the root of the problem and get your water heater working again as quickly as possible.

Here are some things that may cause you to have water heater issues.

Worn Out Heating Elements

One of the most common causes of a malfunctioning water heater is a worn-out heating element. The number of heating elements a water heater has will be determined how many gallons it’s required to heat at one time. Most people don’t realize if one element goes out until they get their next gas or electric bill. One element doing the work of two can cause a dramatic jump in energy usage. As soon as you notice that it takes a longer amount of time for your water to reach temperature, it’s time to call a repair tech to come and look at your unit.

Damaged Thermostat

Heating elements aren’t the only part of your water heater that can wear out. Thermostats also have a tendency to show signs of wear and tear. Since a thermostat sticks out a few inches from the side of the water heater, there is also a risk of it being hit or bumped. This can change the temperature setting or disconnect it from the unit altogether meaning no signal to heat the water will be relayed.

Faulty Power Source

Both gas and electric water heaters will cease to work if they don’t have access to their main source of power. Tripping a breaker or an electric outage may be the culprit if you have a water heater that runs off of electricity. A damaged gas line or a clogged pilot light can be the problem when it comes to gas water heaters.

Get Water Heater Repair for Your Poway Home Today

Residents who need water heater repair in Poway or any of the communities in San Diego County are encouraged to contact Marklein Plumbing if they begin to notice a change in the efficiency of their water heater. Catching small problems before they turn into major disasters can save you both time and money.

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