Why Is My Water Heater Making Loud Noises?

October 20, 2022
Water Heater in Ramona, CA

It’s not unusual for water heaters to make sounds from time to time. However, loud noises can indicate a problem with the unit. These are some of the reasons a water heater might be making a racket.

Banging or Rumbling Sound

This sound is most common in electric water heaters. The usual cause is that sediment has built up at the bottom of the tank. Another sign this is the problem is if your electricity bills are higher than normal.

The problem could also be something called a water hammer. This happens when the water supply cuts off and then suddenly floods back into the water heater. Call a plumber if you hear this sound.

Popping Sound

Just like hissing, this sound usually means there’s excess sediment in the tank. This is a common problem in areas with hard water. You should have your water tank flushed at least once a year to prevent this.

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Ticking Noise

A ticking sound from your water heater usually means there’s an issue with a check valve or the heat trap. It can also be the sound of water heating and cooling in the pipes. It’s usually the case you don’t need to worry about this sound unless it’s bothering you.

Humming Sound

A humming sound probably means the heater element has come loose. The water flowing around it makes it vibrate. You can have a plumber tighten this part to eliminate the sound.

Sizzling Noise

If you hear a sizzling noise in your gas water heater, it can be a sign there’s a leak in your water heater. Water is dripping down onto the heater element, which results in the noise.

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