Your Outdoor Shower Installation Needs

February 16, 2019

When it comes to installing an outdoor shower on your property, the equipment you’ll need will depend upon how extensive you want it to be. Having a good idea from the outset of your project will make it easier to do it yourself or communicate to plumbing professionals what your needs are. As one of the leading Poway plumbing companies, the team from Marklein Plumbing has helped many residents install their very own outdoor shower plumbing.

Here we’ve collected some of our experience to help make the installation process easier on you, so take a look.

1. Location

The simplest way to hook up your outdoor shower is by placing it near a water hose. But keep in mind that unless you have a way to heat it up, the water will come out cold. A more popular option is to install a pedestal shower that can be hooked up to an outdoor plumbing line and placed anywhere in the yard. You can also build a permanent, wall-mounted shower on an area of your home located adjacent to plumbing lines with hot and cold water hookups.

2. Drainage

In order not to ruin the yard on your property, you’ll need to outfit your exterior shower system with the proper drainage. You can create a natural system that drains through stones at your feet when showering or install pipes to transport wastewater. Doing so helps protect your area’s groundwater. When installing your drainage system, researching existing local ordinances and working with a professional Poway plumber will ensure you remain in compliance.

3. Winterizing

Although Poway, CA, doesn’t get as cold as many other areas, it’s important to take steps to ensure your outdoor shower doesn’t fall victim to rust damage when it’s not being used. Installing proper ventilation and shut-off valves will help make certain your outdoor shower makes it through the cooler months unharmed.

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