Can Home Insurance Cover Plumbing?

May 19, 2022
Home Insurance in Ramona, CA

Home insurance is a type of insurance coverage that helps protect your house against damage and loss. Typically, this includes protection against physical damage to the structure of your property caused by factors like fire, wind, or hail, as well as coverage for the loss of certain personal possessions such as furniture or electronics. But what about plumbing?

The question of whether plumbing is covered by home insurance depends on whether it’s considered part of the building structure or not. Let’s explore this further.

Situations Where Plumbing May Be Covered By Home Insurance

Most home insurance policies cover any damage caused to the building itself. This means that if a pipe bursts or leaks in your house and damages your walls, floors, or furniture, it will generally be covered under your standard policy.

Types of Plumbing Issues Usually Not Covered

However, as plumbing can technically be classified as an electrical or a mechanical feature rather than a structural element, certain aspects of it may not be covered by your insurance. For instance, some policies will only cover damage caused by internal plumbing issues, such as a leaky faucet or backed-up sink, while external plumping disasters like frozen pipes aren’t typically included.

Ultimately, whether you’ll be able to claim for damages related to plumbing largely depends on the specific terms of your home insurance policy. If you ever experience a serious plumbing problem at home, it’s best to discuss your coverage with your insurer before moving forward with any repairs. Once you’ve confirmed coverage, be sure to call a reputable local plumbing company.

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