How to Prevent Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

October 20, 2021
Tree Roots and Sewer Lines in Ramona, CA

Tree root invasion is one of the significant causes of sewer pipeline damage. Your sewer line is a bountiful source of water, oxygen, and nutrients that roots need. Once the roots find their way into your plumbing, they can cause significant damage that will cost you a fortune in repairs. Luckily, you can prevent sewer line damage by taking some preventative measures.

Detecting Tree Roots

If you suspect tree roots have reached your sewer line, contact Marklein Plumbing to schedule a sewer camera inspection. Our professional plumbers will attach a camera to a flexible rod and insert it into your sewer lines. This camera inspects your plumbing to find leaks, clogs, and tree roots and indicate the condition of your pipes so that we can determine the best way to fix your problem.

Preventing Tree Roots from Encroaching the Sewer Line

Create a Barrier

Creating a barrier between the sewer line and the trees is one of the best ways to prevent sneaky roots from reaching your lines. There are various ways of making barriers, including spreading slow-release chemical solutions designed for residential settings near the sewer line. Also, wood or metal barriers buried 6 to 10 inches deeper than the sewer line and running vertically near your sewer lines can help stop roots from reaching the pipes.

Plant Sewer-Friendly Trees

Strategically planning your landscaping can help you avoid future sewer line issues and costly repairs. Reduce the number of plants you place near your sewer lines. Also, plant bigger trees farther away from your plumbing to lower the chances of tree roots reaching your sewer pipes. You can also choose trees with small root balls because they have a slower growth rate.

Routine Inspection and Maintenance

Regular sewer line inspection and maintenance help reduce the possibility of extensive, costly repairs. Routine inspection and maintenance not only enable you to keep your sewer line clean but also allow you to catch potential problems before they get worse. This process helps prevent tree roots from invading your sewer system and growing there as well.

Trusted Plumber in Ramona

If you suspect tree roots have encroached your sewer lines, reach out to Marklein Plumbing right away. Our team has vast experience providing various plumbing services, including sewer camera inspections, drain cleaning and maintenance, pipe repair and replacement, and water main replacement. Regardless of your problem, our team will arrive on time and get your plumbing system back on track. Contact us today to request a service.

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